Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Virginia SFI Implementation Committee (SIC)

In Virginia, the SFI® Program is managed by the SFI Implementation Committee. The Virginia Forestry Association, located in Richmond, serves as the general administrator of the SFI program.

  Each SFI Program participant that has forestry operations in Virginia is a member of the Committee. Also serving are representatives of the Virginia Department of Forestry, the Virginia Tech College of Natural Resources, the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, and others from the forestry community who provide financial, technical and training assistance for the program.  

Program Participants

Scott Ashworth

TTG Forestry Services

Dennis Austin

SIC Vice-Chair

Georgia-Pacific, LLC

Bryan Blankenship

Forest Investment Associates

Andrew Brown

  SIC Chair  


Kent Burtner

Virginia Dept. of Wildlife Resources

Don Grant


Pete Hancock

Roseburg Resources

Tom Harlan

Timberland Investment Resources, GFR

Amy Phillips


Patrick Hutchens

Hopkins Lumber Contractors, Inc.

Scott Kurtzman


Bill Lakel

Molpus Woodlands Group

Michael Morris

International Paper

Carolyn Mulligan

American Forest Management, Inc.

Jay Phaup

Greif Packaging LLC

Aaron Plaugher


Ed Stoots

Virginia Department of Forestry



American Forest Management, Inc.

Everett Titus

Louisiana Pacific Corp.

Phillip Whitlow

Huber Engineered Woods LLC

Glen Worrell

F&W Forestry

Program Supporters

Scott Barrett

Virginia Tech, SHARP Logger Program

Jennifer Gagnon

Virginia Tech, Virginia Forest Landowner Education Program

Lesley Newman

Virginia Project Learning Tree

Karen Snape

Virginia Tech, VFLEP & SHARP Logger

Corey Connors

Virginia Forestry Association

Vance Wright

Virginia Loggers Association

Glen Worrell

Virginia Tree Farm Foundation

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