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The Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standards are the basis of the Sustainable Forestry (SFI) Program. The Standards present the principles and practices that produce sustainable forestry and the measures by which the public can monitor and evaluate the program.

The SFI Standards are available for download from the SFI Program website. These standards communicate the requirements for compliance with the program. SFI program participants apply this these standards on all lands they manage and actively promote such practices on other forestlands. This commitment to sustainable forestry stems from the participants' beliefs that forest landowners have a critical stewardship responsibility to current and future generations of Americans.  


Getting certified to SFI is one of the best things that organizations can do to support the long-term sustainability of forests and ensure the multitude of benefits that forests provide for future generations. SFI’s standards provide an important solution to the long-term sustainability of our forests. With more than 370+ million acres/150+ million hectares certified by the end of 2021 and tens of millions more positively influenced through fiber sourcing, SFI has the scale and growth trajectory to ensure positive, forest-based outcomes in the marketplace.

The SFI Forest Management Standard is the largest single forest management certification standard in the world. Among its requirements are measures to protect water quality, biodiversity, wildlife habitat, threatened and endangered species, and forests with exceptional conservation value.

The SFI Fiber Sourcing Standard is designed for manufacturers that source from a variety of ownerships or that don’t own forestland. It distinguishes SFI from all other forest certification organizations in that it governs how Certified Organizations procure fiber from non certified forest landowners in a responsible way, including avoidance of controversial sources in the supply chain. 

The SFI Chain-of-Custody Standard is an accounting system that tracks forest fiber content through production and manufacturing to the end product. This standard also has measures to avoid controversial sources in the supply chain.

The SFI Certified Sourcing Standard contains the requirements for Certified Organizations to use the SFI-certified sourcing claim and label. This standard also has measures to avoid controversial sources in the supply chain. 

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