Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


The Virginia SFI State Implementation Committee (VA SIC) is a coalition of forest products related companies committed to promoting ideals of the SFI program through training, education and program support. Additional goals and background information on the SFI program can be found at www.sfiprogram.org.

Companies on the committee run the full range of the forest products industry including biomass, paper companies, sawmills, pallet manufacturers, foresters, fully integrated investment professionals, and more. The committee also receives important input from various state agencies including the Virginia Department of Forestry, Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, industry advocates and university representatives.

The goal of the committee is to ensure that forests in Virginia are managed wisely and that these forests will be able to supply the recreational, environmental and commercial needs of future generations.

The VA SIC promotes sustainable forest management by example. The committee provides grants to programs that promote the ideals of SFI’s principles such as Project Learning Tree, Camp Woods & Wildlife, Virginia Tree Farm Program, and Virginia Tech support.   

In addition to the grant program, the VA SIC maintains a SFI Inconsistent Practices toll free phone number, which is (804)-278-8733, that is available to the public. The Inconsistent Practices number is a resource to report any forest management activity that is not consistent with the goals of the SFI program.  All phone calls are investigated by the program’s third-party monitor.  This program documents any inconsistent practices, if any, that may take place in Virginia in a given year.  

Since 1996, the VA SIC has provided input to the successful logger education program, SHARP Loggers. The program requires that all SHARP Loggers complete a core program of classroom and field training. To maintain their standing, SHARP Loggers must complete "continuing education" training during each two-year period following the completion of the core program. As of 2023, over 4,500 loggers, foresters, and others have completed the program. 

Classes target the principles of sustainable forestry, environmental protection and workplace safety. To learn more about the SHARP Logger program, click here.